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Embracing Nature at Germia Park

  Our Youth from Bridge 2 Project Embracing Nature at Germia Park

Surrounded by the serene beauty of nature, they immersed themselves in unforgettable moments of adventure and learning.

Navigating through the lush landscapes, they honed their orienteering skills, learning to read maps and navigate terrain with precision and confidence. The thrill of discovering hidden gems in the wilderness added a sense of adventure to their experience.

The highlight of the trip was the exhilarating climbing sessions, where our youth embraced challenges, scaled heights, and conquered personal boundaries.

At Rin’ON, we believe in providing our youth with opportunities to connect with nature, fostering resilience, and nurturing a sense of community. This camping expedition was a testament to the power of outdoor experiences in shaping confident, capable, and environmentally conscious individuals.

The Bridge 2 Project is funded by the US Embassy in Kosovo, Implemented by the RIT Kosovo A.U.K – A.U.K Training and Development Institute and in partnership with NGO Rin’ON

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