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Be part of the BRIDGE story!

On August 30, 2022, RIT KOSOVO (A.U.K) organized the first Bridge 2 Kick off meeting.

Rin’ON, RIT K, all Bridge partners and the US Embassy representatives had the chance to all meet together and discuss about the implementation of Bridge 2.

Eligible to take part on this project are all high school students (age 14-18 years) from the respective municipalities. RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)’s criteria for admission will ensure entry for the most competent applicants, with emphasis on youth from rural areas and on young women.

This training program will support youth in enhancing their English language proficiency levels through inter-ethnic communication, and will enhance their professional skills and horizons through tailored professional training programs, field visits, job-shadowing and internship opportunities, and will strengthen their social media literacy, critical thinking, presentation and communication skills.

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